SupportApplication Support
The typical recommendation is to replace discontinued legacy software, with an active supported software package. However, this is not always an available option or available in a timeline you are comfortable with. This is the reason that incrediblySmart offers Extended Limited Support Agreements (ELSA) for the AICE, RedBat and Respond software from BD Diagnostics/ICPA to help customers with the continued use and training of these discontinued programs through telephone, email and remote support. Support includes password resets, installation/re-installation, data transfer/download, report creation assistance and more.

Support can be hourly, or through Extended Limited Support Agreements in 30-day, 90-day, 6-month or annual agreements.

DataMigrationData Extraction/Migration
Over the lifetime of business intelligence applications, your needs will change, or inevitably applications get retired and replaced with newer, more functional systems. With some applications, the data contained within the program must be moved when the application is replaced, for this reason incrediblySmart offers data extraction and migration services to assist you. When the AICE, BD Protect, RedBat and Respond applications were retired at the end of 2012, we started business to assist customers in the transition.

We are working hard to provide services beyond the ICPA/BD products through our development of the iSDC (incrediblySmart Data Converter).

SolutionsDocument Design and Web Editing
We do the small stuff that you shouldn’t sweat, like using your website images and theme to create document letterhead, business card designs or office forms. We can update your user manuals or help files using your software and older manuals. We can help you create newsletter content, or other email marketing campaigns.