SupportApplication Support
We provide temporary, on-demand, stop-gap support for AICE, RedBat, Respond and BD Protect Healthcare Worker Safety (HWS) and Infection Prevention (IP). While we strongly recommend that users replace discontinued legacy software with an active supported software package, it is understood that this is not always an available option or available in a quick/convenient time-frame. It is for users that face using the discontinued software for months or a year before a new program can be implemented, that incrediblySmart offers Extended Limited Support Agreements (ELSA). This is meant to help customers with the continued use and training of these discontinued programs through telephone, email and remote support, for a limited time. Support includes password resets, installation/re-installation, data transfer/download, report creation assistance and more.

Support can be hourly, or through Extended Limited Support Agreements in 30-day, 90-day, 6-month or 1-year agreements.

DataMigrationData Extraction/Migration
Over the lifetime of business intelligence applications, your needs will change, or inevitably applications get retired and replaced with newer, more functional systems. With some applications, the data contained within the program must be moved when the application is replaced, for this reason incrediblySmart offers data extraction and migration services to assist you. When the AICE, BD Protect, RedBat and Respond applications were retired at the end of 2012, we started business to assist customers in the transition by offering extraction/conversion service.

We are working hard to provide services beyond the ICPA/BD products through our development of Clever; the incrediblySmart Data Converter.

SolutionsDocument and Web Editing or other Computer Services
Staying true to our roots, and original customers in Austin, Texas and elsewhere we continue to do the small stuff that you shouldn’t sweat.  We offer services from minor computer assistance, or documentation/web assistance to longer projects.

Document and Web Editing

It happens in small business that, periodically documents become old and stale. Even well written documents, presentation or web content can lose its freshness.  We offer services to update your existing web, or written documents to be sure that documents are easily understood, use current language and contain updated images.

Content should be evaluated for use, and effectiveness but also for image and voice to make sure that the information appears up-to-date when compared to newer content/information.

incrediblySmart offers this service to small business to assist in a low cost solution to making sure that your best image is the first impression of your customers.

Computer Services

We offer computer services in Data Recovery, Migration, Pre-Migration Testing, software installation services, backup-imaging and consulting.  We can also discuss your business needs with you, and attempt to locate software solutions that are appropriate for your needs.

Typically these services are only available in Austin, but may be available if data is sent off-site to Austin for assistance.