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Our focus

What we do
BD/ICPA Application Support

Supporting Respond, AICE and BD Protect IP/HWS

Data Extraction & Migration

Extraction and Migration of data from many different sources

Technical Services, Consulting & Support

Technical issues, documentation, website or other assistance beyond the technical.

Our Team

Who we are
Chris Glahn
For 12+ years Chris has been in the application support profession and for the past two years has been working heavily in the Occupational / Employee Health software industry providing excellent customer care.
Support Staff
M-F 8am – 5pm Central
Phone, Email & Web Remote support, expertly provided from Austin Texas.
Solutions Group
We’ve hired Theta Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. who are an established engineering services and web development company delivering engineering solutions, web development services and software solutions of any complexity to clients. Being in Engineering Services business for over 5 years, now Theta Technologies has a strong team of skilled experienced Engineering and IT experts.
Business & Operations Support
Our mentoring staff is made up of business professionals throughout the country

Service Pricing

smart services, affordable pricing

Standard Extract - Two Pass

Allows a test & final extract


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Extract for Migration

Extract with conversion requirements


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Extract for Migration Multiple

Multiple sources to extract


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Direct to Database

Migrate directly into a database


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Hourly Support

Application Support by the hour


  • Phone, Email or Web Remote
  • Password Reset
  • Software installation
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30-Day Support

Extended Limited Support Agreement


  • Email, Phone & Web Remote
  • User Questions
  • Server/PC Migration
  • Installation
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90-Day Support

Includes Training


  • Web, Phone and Web Remote
  • Schedule training
  • Installations
  • Data import setup
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Annual Support

Extended Limited Support


  • Phone, Email and Web Remote
  • Includes Training
  • User or IT Assistance
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