incrediblySmart Application Platform “Studious”
For Immediate Release

Contact: Chris Glahn

incrediblySmart announces development of the incrediblySmart Application Platform: Studious(tm).

Austin, TX — incrediblySmart has entered into an agreement to purchase an application platform from Theta Technologies. The purchase and adaptation of the application platform into “Studious(tm):incrediblySmart Application Platform” will further create an inter-working portfolio in the incrediblySmart software solutions group (solutions group), to also support the application Clever(tm)-incrediblySmart Data Converter.

The product is an Ubiquitous, Extensible, User-Defined Data Management and Reporting system which is envisioned to to allow the re-creation and adaptation of many database type systems.

According to Christian Glahn,CEO, “By purchasing this platform and transitioning the software into what will become Studious, we’re growing the Solutions Group portfolio and can continue to provide solutions that meet our customer’s needs. This acquisition will further ensure long-term success and growth of incrediblySmart.

About incrediblySmart: founded as an LLC in Texas in 2012 has become a service provider and resource for customers of the legacy Respond, and BD Protect systems and vendors who offer software to replace those software solutions.

About Theta Technologies: Theta Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is an established engineering services and web development company delivering engineering solutions, web development services and software solutions of any complexity to clients. Being in Engineering Services business for over 5 years, now Theta Technologies has a strong team of skilled experienced Engineering and IT experts.