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What are the considerations when using Download/Data Transfer?

KB Article:L1-01990

  Download/Data Transfer is a tool for bringing demographic data into Respond or BD Protect HWS.
The purpose of this information is to assist the data manager or user who will be setting up to bring data into your database from another source. To achieve this goal, the DOWNLOAD/DATA TRANSFER component allows the creation of […]

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I get an error “invalid file format” after putting data into a calculated field. What can I do?

KB Article:L1-01990

If you changed the name of a field, and the calculation file no longer functions you will have to rename the field that you changed to its original value. The calculation will then function normally.

This same message can appear when the file that tells how to perform the calculation is from a prior version. […]

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When I open the program I receive the message, “can’t find xConf”

KB Article:L1-0417

The “Conf” or Configuration/License file is required to run the program.

Below are some of the reasons you would receive this error:

1) The filemust be located in the ..\DATA folder. If the file is missing you may copy the file from the installation diskor restore it from backup.

2) If the file is in the ..\DATA […]

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Is Bad Software good enough?

There are software products (in general) that have been well designed from the ground up (user friendly, efficient, with great feature-set); and still that software may go unused and unnoticed by the people it’s intended to serve. On the other hand, there are a lot of programs that get used every-day that are poorly designed, […]

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Using a generalized EMR instead of a dedicated Employee Health Management System is not the right choice.


It is typical with Employee Health clinics in healthcare to be run and managed using tight budgets. Tight budgets sometimes make the use of less than ideal software solutions a choice, as an effort to save money. Employee health programs that run this way may find it harder to achieve a status of being effective, […]

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Employee Health Management Software for Humans

carefoundry is building a new site to serve our community of humans.

Employee Safety & Compliance – ESC is our flagship product for healthcare worker employee health management.
Intuitive, Easy to use and affordable, either on your site, or hosted in the cloud.
We also offer services such as data extraction, migration and conversion from Respond/BD Protect HWS […]

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