Systems to replace AICE

What should infection preventionists look for when evaluating an electronic surveillance system? 

According to industry leaders and vendors, IP professionals should look for a system that provides automated facility-wide identification of likely infections, streamlined regulatory reporting, demonstrated outcomes, timely implementation, and dedicated customer support.

Consider systems that are easy to learn and use, have flexibility to allow for configurations that fit your specifications.  Look for solutions that have an easy way of integrating with your current or legacy hospital systems. (EMR, lab information system, surgery and pharmacy data);  Capturing data, including vital signs, blood chemistry, radiology, and free-text doctor notes, from whatever system that data exists, this integration will reduce double-data entry, and allow for the maximum performance of the “system”.

Also with your system choices, consider a system that will require little ongoing management — especially of IT resources, while still allowing you to “own” your data in case you do decide that you want to change systems again in the future.

What are the names of some systems?

CareFusion/MedMined, ICNet, Premier, rL Solutions, Sentri 7, TheraDoc, Truven, and VigiLanz are some of the ones we’re aware of.

None of the available vendors are excluded from this list on purpose, if you know of other solutions those can be added to this list.