Extended Limited Support

ICPASupport for users and IT staff

Since BD abandoned the software, AICE, BD Protect IP/HWS, RedBat or Respond customers have continued to use these popular software packages for different reasons.  Some have to wait for the budget, or corporate roll-outs to move to a new product, other users are not sure when they’re moving to another vendor product or have looked into it, but continue to stay with the product they have.  Whatever the case, many find themselves in need of end-user support and training while they continue to use their program.

It is for these customers who require this stop-gap support that incrediblySmart offers support and training services until suitable software can be put into place.

Support includes user support in the area of data entry, reports or new user training/introductions. You may need assistance with the data transfer (download), password resets, installation/re-installation, technical troubleshooting or system migration.

Support is provided over the phone, email and remote control over the Internet M-F, 8am to 4pm central time. Calls are answered within 2hrs after initial contact and Email replies are next business day or sooner.

Support is limited based on your original license with BD or ICPA. Not allowed are changes the program or license file, such as adding fields or functions, or for the repair of damage to database files. In the case of damaged data files or corruption the only recourse is restoration from a backup file. Creating backups, and testing the restoration will be required for support contracts longer than 30-days.

These options are not meant as a substitute to replacing software with products from other vendors, but used as an option between using the software, and putting another program in-place.  These options may also help support an installation that will be used for storing historical data only.


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