How keeping Respond or BD Protect HWS can save you thousands (and still have support)

If you’ve been using Respond or BD Protect HWS, selecting the wrong solution to replace that software could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

incrediblySmart is building a portfolio of products and services to serve all areas of data management, including assisting with data from your employee health programs.

The Studious Application Platform will be available soon and we want to tell you more about it, and how it may serve you in a post Respond/BD Protect HWS world, but until you’re ready to make the switch here are a few reasons why you may want to look at incrediblySmart, and keep using Respond or BD Protect HWS a little bit longer.


1.  Provides the easiest transition to something else

We all know Respond and BD Protect HWS won’t last forever, there will come a time when you need to move to another software solution. 

You can save thousands of dollars on just the migration of data, by staying with the software you have just a little bit longer, and use a supported program using an Extended Limited Support agreement from incrediblySmart, or when you’ve selected a program use our services to extract and migrate that data to another solution.

Some solutions have a low cost transition when migrating, and others will cost you thousands, when faced with expensive migration, incrediblySmart can help. 

We can even suggest a terrific program to replace Respond or BD Protect HWS.wink

2.  It is Compatible

While the last release of the software was several years ago, when Windows Server 2003 was current, your current software will run on Windows Server 2008R2 and Server 2012, and doesn’t require any additional licenses for the database (Does not require SQL Server).

The workstation editions were last designed to run on Windows Vista, but are completely compatible with Windows 7, even 64 Bit.

If you’re considering changing platforms for compatibility, there’s no reason to compromise on everything else just because of your Windows version change.

An extended limited support agreement for your software will include help move the software from one server platform to another, and assisting with workstation compatibility.

If you haven’t been using the HR Data Transfer, or considered other options for imports, it’s time you contacted incrediblySmart, like so many other customers.

It may be time to consider a support agreement that can assist you with these tricks, tips, system moves and also support.

3.  It just works

The Respond and BD Protect HWS software is like that famous “as seen on TV” rotisserie, “set it and forget it!”  Once the software is set-up and installed, it runs nearly problem free, and will continue to run that way without much effort.  When was the last time you even spoke with your own IT department about a difficulty with the software?

That’s not the case with competing software, while some look great, you could find out too late that there are some issues that affect your ability to work with the program, if you pick the wrong provider. We want to be the right provider.

In spite of not being supported since January 2013, when was the last time you “NEEDED” an update to your software, to make sure it kept working?

You can save thousands by staying with BD Protect a little longer, using an extended limited support service agreement to be sure that HWS stays running, can be backed up and restored, and that you can have someone to call when you need help.

In that time you may find your new solution, one that’s a great fit for how you want to work.

4.  Doesn’t require training

When you select new software, you may not consider the lost time training or struggling with features you’re not familiar with as a cost, but if time=money – yes you’re losing money.

You may think everything you know about your software will fit in a thimble. Truth is what you don’t know, and need to know, won’t take that long to learn, because you already have some knowledge of the program and to build on that knowledge with new concepts, tricks or tips can take just a few minutes to learn.  

You’d find it doesn’t work like that with a new program, because everything will be different, possibly even the data itself after being moved.

Switching to a new program may take you multiple days or more to learn, and then there’s the possibly of several hours of struggling with features and functions you’re not familiar with, especially ones that just worked and seemed fluid before.  You’d long for a program that was more simple and intuitive.

incrediblySmart has support contracts for Respond and BD Protect HWS in lengths of 90-days or more  that will include user training sessions, 1 on 1 time, where you are shown how to do what you need to get done in as little as 15 minutes, and since it’s software you’re already at least partly familiar with that may be all you need to get back to work, saving time, frustration and overall save money.

5. Likely does something you’re not using

You may seek out new software for some ‘magic’ feature that the vendor includes.  Many times these features don’t add up to an increase in productivity over what you’re currently using in Respond or HWS.  

You may be under utilizing a feature or there’s something you never knew existed that can help – without changing software.  

There also may be a way to use something a little differently to accomplish what you’re looking for, already included – no extra cost.

A quick web-meeting to talk about how you’re using your program, and some things you like about another program may bring to light some feature or function that you’re not using that could save you lots of time, make you more productive and without having to spend money on new expensive software.

An Extended Limited Support Agreement that includes training may help you in more ways than you know – and at thousands less than new software.

Ready to get started?

We hope you enjoy working with the program enough to keep using it for a little bit longer, and will consider using an Extended Limited Support Agreement to keep your operations going into 2015 or to prepare your data for what’s next.

Please check out our support agreement options, or email us for more information.