Legacy BD Programs on Windows 7/8 | Respond Employee Health Software

NOTE: Official support from ICPA/BD ended January 1, 2013  – prior to certification or thorough testing with Windows 7 or updates for Windows 8.

The legacy software v3+ through version 4+ for Respond and up-to AICE version 5 – are reported to have no problems running in Windows 7 (32-bit or x64) environments, though some customers have said that they needed to be sure the software was running as administrator, and occasionally there have been problems installing in mixed x64 and 32-bit server/workstation environments.

Versions prior to version 4, use Microsoft Jet (Access) based databases.  These are set-up as a file-share, and very little Windows dependencies.  Version 4/5 AICE and Respond v4 use Sybase SQL Anywhere 10.  SQL Anywhere reached end of support January 2013, and compatibility with Windows 7 has not been tested or certified by Sybase.

Respond and AICE have been reported to work with the following operating systems.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 : Windows Server 2000, 2003 & 2008.

RESPOND v4 has compatibility problems with Windows 8 – Presto fails to work.