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incrediblySmart Application Platform “Studious” For Immediate Release 1-August-2014 Contact: Chris Glahn incrediblySmart announces development of the incrediblySmart Application Platform: Studious(tm). Austin, TX — incrediblySmart has entered into an agreement to purchase an application platform from Theta Technologies. The purchase and adaptation of the application platform into “Studious(tm):incrediblySmart Application Platform” will further create an inter-working portfolio in the incrediblySmart software solutions group (solutions group), to also support the application Clever(tm)-incrediblySmart Data Converter. The product is an Ubiquitous, Extensible, User-Defined Data Management and Reporting system which is envisioned to to allow the re-creation and adaptation of many database type systems. According to Christian Glahn,CEO, “By purchasing this platform and transitioning the software […]