Perceptive Software Marketplace

Software that’s not just SMART, It’s incrediblySmart

November 2017 we’re launching the Perspective Software Marketplace a service of incrediblySmart.

We decided to move forward on requests to develop products and full solutions that help small businesses.

If you’re like many small businesses, you’re tired of the web (cloud) based software nickle & dime routine.  $7 a month here, $25 a month there, $1 per user … it gets to be expensive, and unpredictable just to create a portfolio of services you need, and want.  Let alone the locally installed software where costs really add up too.

Our experience with applications, has resulted in developing a single flexible, powerful, intuitive and easy to use solution specifically for small businesses like yours.

  • Web Hosting – with your own domain name
  • A company logo & identity branding
  • Email Accounts for your different departments (even if you’re a small team)
  • Business specific software on the cloud (to work where ever you are)
  • Dedicated development to add features specific to what you need
  • and U.S. Based technical and business support

We call this set of solutions Perspective, because it looks out for you.

The Perspective platform consists of a one-stop-shop for your business software needs, at likely a lower cost than all those cloud add-on solutions you may end up buying just to get work done, but creating a bookkeeping nightmare.

Having information all in one place for one low price – that’s so incrediblySmart, it’s genius.

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