Data Migration

DataMigrationWe offer many services for data migration – including extraction, manipulation/conversion and creating a replacement database.

Data Extraction provides data from a database in a more ‘raw’ format, provided as Excel or Plain-Text flat files which may require more manipulation to get usable data that can be imported.

Data can be extracted from a number of different sources including Agility, AICE, BD Protect HWS, BD Protect IP, OHM, Respond, Stolas, Systoc and others.

Conversion is the process of taking a database of one type (Microsoft SQL) and moving the data to another type of database (MySQL).

Manipulation is where data elements are changed from source values to matching destination values, such as changing pick-list/code fields for states from Full State Name, or work locations from longer-words into codes.  There is a lot of manipulation that can be done to a source for making a destination file.

Migration is moving the actual data from one source type, to another destination type file.

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