Export to Database

Extract legacy records to a custom database
There are times when the goal of an extraction is to reduce IT overhead by standardizing the data, and getting the information away from a proprietary database or unsupported application and into something that can be easier maintained by your IT department, or to be used in an in-house solution. That is the purpose of the export to database option. This option isn’t for everyone, since the data extracted is only provided as a database file, not as a fully-functioning application, and may require a database administrator. (Database will be Access, MariaDB, MySQL or MSSQL Server).


  • Reduces application overhead
  • Maintains long-term compatibility with OS’s
  • Allows future exporting if replacement application is found
  • Keeps you compliant, when asked for historic records

We export to database sources based on:

Extract sources can be Microsoft ACCESS or SQL SERVER (7.0/2012), MDB, and others.  We also run extracts from AICE, Respond, RedBat and BD Protect IP and HWS products.

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