Extract for Migration

Includes manipulation to meet formatting requirements of another system.
This is a more complex extraction/export service than export only. This option is used if you have a vendor that allows the import of historical data from the source legacy system where entries have to match particular values in the destination system, and where field layout is important. This is the service that fits that need.

Manipulation of the data can be set up in any number of ways to clean-up and standardize the source extracted file to match the import destination requirements from another system. If the system allows an ASCII import of data, we can provide a new source file ready for you to import.

Examples of formatting options:

  • Splitting name into multiple fields
  • Validating and formatting SSN
  • Positioning values in fields based on entry type
  • Creating values based on other values or dates
  • Splitting values from single fields into multiple fields
  • Code Translation/Re-Code
  • Handle duplicates
  • Setting fields to match a fixed number of characters
  • Import multiple files to create a single output file
  • …and more

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