Software that’s not just incrediblySmart it’s Studious

We started Studious because in the course of migration, customers have asked if a full application could be provided, instead of them creating an in-house solution.  

We decided to move forward on those requests with developing a product.  Instead of focusing on a single application, we decided to obtain a platform that would allow us to provide a rapid application development solution that would have a responsive, robust, and intuitive application design.  This Studious platform results in custom solutions that can be put into place more quickly, and at a lower cost than purchasing other products, or building your own in-house application.

Our experience with applications, has resulted in a tool that’s flexible, powerful, intuitive and easy to use.  Studious provides unrivaled features that will allow you to work more efficiently by more readily bringing you in touch with your information.





The Studious platform can either be locally Installed on your servers, or put on the cloud.  All end-user workstations are accessed through a web browser on any device allowed to access the application, including: Windows,Mac or Linux desktops or laptops or it can be used from iOS/Android tablets as desktop replacements.






Studious uses xAMP Servers:

Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Apache : 2.4.9 MySQL : 5.6.17 PHP : 5.5.12 PHPMyAdmin : 4.1.14 SqlBuddy : 1.3.3 XDebug : 2.2.5

When software comes from incrediblySmart, assume it’s genius.