Technical Services

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Custom Programming Solutions for the Studious Platform. Using our custom programming solutions for the Studious platform will shave off thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours off of your web or locally installed web-application programming projects.  Contact us for how we can save you time and money by supplying you with a Studious designed platform.

Application Migration Testing – Allow us to test the operation of legacy/unsupported applications before you change platforms. Perfect for companies wanting to move their platforms to newer Windows Operating Systems, or completely away from Windows to Mac or Linux, and are not sure how to be sure the software will function as intended.

File Recovery after accidental deletion or system crash – If you’ve just deleted a file, we can attempt to recover the file.  If the system crashed but the hard drive is still operational we can attempt to restore the data from the drive.

Due to the complexity of theses services, it will take time listening to your needs in order to supply you an accurate price based on the services you need.  

If you are interested in any of these services, contact us by email to first discuss the project and arrange a price.