You’re not using Respond and have gone to another vendor.

FACT:  Your Respond data needs to be backed up.
FACT:  Respond backups have been ignored by many facilities who have requested our help.
FACT: Many users don’t have backups set upFACT: Even customers with automatic backup are not always as safe as they think they are.The problems we’ve seen:

  • Automatic backups running nightly but going to the wrong server.
  • Backups containing corruption day after day, and wouldn’t work to restore data
  • Backups not being created at all
  • Backups being saved to the same server as the Respond/HWS data … in a crash BOTH the data AND the backup would be lost.
  • Respond v3 data backs up to floppy disks.

With our service plans, carefoundry would consult with you to be sure that your backups are being done correctly, and can be used to restore data when the time comes.

FACT:  Knowing that your data could be lost, and not recoverable is a VERY serious concern.

** Even if you’re not a Respond or BD Protect HWS user – any legacy system backup plan should be looked at to be sure that the use is understood, used, and integrity tested.  We’d be glad to consult with you regarding backup plans for your software.

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WE OFFER SUPPORT AND REPLACEMENT FOR RESPOND and BD-PROTECT HWS SOFTWARE USERS! A key part of Employee Health Management is having an affordable comprehensive, easy to use, program you can rely on. For healthcare software compliance, including occupational health safety, immunization, incident and testing requirements, we offer responsive, state of the art SAAS applications.

Carefoundry employee safety and compliance saves your data, moves records to a compliant, capable, modern platform and provides the most experienced Respond / BD Protect support available including exclusive support in Respond / BD Protect since 2003! We can help customers who have chosen other products – Meditrax, Systoc or AgilityEH.  Archives stuck in Respond?  We can help you access health record archives.