We know many of our friends continue to use Respond/BD Protect HWS for hospital employee health management.  We are on a mission to make sure you can continue to use the software in the best way possible.  So we are building a new knowledgebase.  We need your help.

What questions can we answer about Respond/BD Protect?

We know that many of you have been using the software for years, some of you longer than I’ve been supporting it.
We need your questions, your advice or a discovered work-around for using these programs.  We want to share and discover. Will you help?
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Did you know?

If your employee ID badge contained the ID of your employees, you could swipe the badge instead of typing a name?  A magnetic stripe works as if it was a keyboard entry.  Interesting huh? Respond may have some other hidden gems.

If your search for employees is slow …

Version 4+ of Respond had a preference setting that can make search work so much better.  (Preferences > Data Entry (tab) > Search Employee List by > “View Only Matching Records” ) Press OK now search, it’s faster right?

Do you have a tip to share?

Carefoundry ESC 1.7

There is a lot going on in our latest update to carefoundry ESC  v1.7 “Arlington”.  If you haven’t seen a demo in a while, maybe it’s time to take a look.

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