For 15 years I’ve supported Respond and BD Protect HWS, this is after 9+ years as the lead of support for the Respond and HWS programs until they were abandoned. It was the mission of creating carefoundry to follow in the footsteps of the Respond legacy.

carefoundry believes that hospitals deserve good employee health management software. While there are occupational health solutions available, there is less of a focus on hospital employee health and the relationship between employer and employee in those facilities.

carefoundry also thinks that it’s important to stay within the roots of smaller hospitals and provide a well-built, healthcare focused solution that fits their needs.

While we also will serve large hospitals, it’s the smaller hospitals that are under-served by other vendors in occupational and employee health. The price of those solutions can be very cost prohibitive, and for this reason carefoundry remains nimble and small in order to keep prices low enough that we can provide a good solution to both large and small hospitals.

Smaller hospitals will be forgiving of our missteps, and in return we will provide a more intimate setting for providing support and attention while we grow into the larger hospitals who also would like to join carefoundry in it’s mission to provide hospital centered employee health management software.

We are growing and building a better program in order to serve our hospitals, and we enjoy the support of our previous Respond/HWS friends who come to us for support or to get our next generation solution carefoundry ESC.