KB Article:L1-0274499

For added security when archive databases are created,the program does not add any security rights to the new archive database.

Database Rights (Module Access Rights) are added to a database using the program
called “Security Manager,” which is part of the BD Protect HWS/ Respond software installation.

If you encounter this problem:
1. Sign in to Security Manager using the administrator user name and password.
2. Assign database access rights to each user who requires access to the archive database:
a. Double-click the user account that requires rights to the file.
b. Click the button on the profile screen that says “Modify Module Access Rights” (MAR).
c. Double-click the name of the archived database.
d. If you click OK, the program assigns the default security profile rights. If unmodified, this permission includes rights to all screens in that database. If you want to assign different levels of security, click each screen and assign the rights you wan to give to the user.

Then click OK when done.

3. Repeat the above steps for each user who requires access to the archived database.
4. Close the Security Manager when done.

Note: Users must sign out of the program and sign back in for any changes to take effect.



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