KB Article:L1-01990

You don’t have to delete the employee. The program gives you two main options for handling terminated employees.

  1. Use report selections.
  2. Use the Archive tool.

USING REPORT OPTIONS: General Tab or Select (opt) Tab.

To always exclude terminated employees in a report use the option on the Select tab of the report writer. Use the drop-down to select the Date-Termin field, then assign value IS BLANK. This will eliminate employees that contain a termination date.  If you use another field, such as employment status, you may also choose to exclude records based on the codes in the status field that indicate a terminated/separated status.

There’s also an option on the General tab to include/exclude terminated employees, this option will include employees if they were terminated within the dates supplied, but any outside of that range would not be included.


The archive is another way to eliminate long time terminated employees.

Archive takes a number of employees with a termination date larger than a number of days you choose and moves the employees to another file while taking their records out of your “active” file. Employees removed by archive, and re-hired, can be brought back into your active database, so that you do not have to re-enter the health history of those employees.

** ARCHIVING IS PERMANENT!  If you are not aware of how this function works, please contact support before using this tool.




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