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Windows eXPired

  In just days from now Windows XP will be unsupported by Microsoft, and while some people think “so what?”, and others think, “I’m safe because I have Anti-Virus.”  others know that XP is very vulnerable to attack beyond Spam, Viruses, Trojans, and other ‘malware’. Though we’re also aware that migrating to another system isn’t something to take lightly. There are questions, like “Will my software still work?”  “Can I just upgrade or do I need to replace my computer?”   “Do I have to use Windows 8?” … and many other valid questions. We’d like to offer our services to assist you, and help you navigate these questions and […]

Self support advice – ICPA/BD products

We offer this advice if you’re considering self-supporting the continued use of the software. 1. The program includes a way to make backups. Use the included utility and also use a tested 3rd party server backup program. 2. Test the restore procedures in both the built-in utility and also test restoring your server-made backups to make sure the restored files will work after a failure or crash. We can offer instructions for testing both. 3. Find the AData, RBData, BD Protect or RData folders on the server, and make a copy of those folder groups at least once per year, as part of a recovery process to restore files (other […]

Legacy BD Programs on Windows 7/8 | Respond Employee Health Software

NOTE: Official support from ICPA/BD ended January 1, 2013  – prior to certification or thorough testing with Windows 7 or updates for Windows 8. The legacy software v3+ through version 4+ for Respond and up-to AICE version 5 – are reported to have no problems running in Windows 7 (32-bit or x64) environments, though some customers have said that they needed to be sure the software was running as administrator, and occasionally there have been problems installing in mixed x64 and 32-bit server/workstation environments. Versions prior to version 4, use Microsoft Jet (Access) based databases.  These are set-up as a file-share, and very little Windows dependencies.  Version 4/5 AICE and Respond v4 […]

XP EOL. What to do?


Commonly asked questions about XP’s end of life: 1. I don’t want my computer to be unsafe. Can I upgrade my operating system? If your computer is older than 2005, it most likely won’t be able to run a newer version of Windows effectively, and even replacing Windows with Linux may not be a viable option for this older PC, unless it was top of the line at the time. If you do have an older computer, and on a budget, the recommendation is to get a newer used computer, running either Windows Vista or Windows 7, or  if you’re not quite on a tight budget, it means a new computer […]

Systems to replace AICE

What should infection preventionists look for when evaluating an electronic surveillance system?  According to industry leaders and vendors, IP professionals should look for a system that provides automated facility-wide identification of likely infections, streamlined regulatory reporting, demonstrated outcomes, timely implementation, and dedicated customer support. Consider systems that are easy to learn and use, have flexibility to allow for configurations that fit your specifications.  Look for solutions that have an easy way of integrating with your current or legacy hospital systems. (EMR, lab information system, surgery and pharmacy data);  Capturing data, including vital signs, blood chemistry, radiology, and free-text doctor notes, from whatever system that data exists, this integration will reduce […]


incrediblySmart Application Platform “Studious” For Immediate Release 1-August-2014 Contact: Chris Glahn incrediblySmart announces development of the incrediblySmart Application Platform: Studious(tm). Austin, TX — incrediblySmart has entered into an agreement to purchase an application platform from Theta Technologies. The purchase and adaptation of the application platform into “Studious(tm):incrediblySmart Application Platform” will further create an inter-working portfolio in the incrediblySmart software solutions group (solutions group), to also support the application Clever(tm)-incrediblySmart Data Converter. The product is an Ubiquitous, Extensible, User-Defined Data Management and Reporting system which is envisioned to to allow the re-creation and adaptation of many database type systems. According to Christian Glahn,CEO, “By purchasing this platform and transitioning the software […]

incrediblySmart Support Agreements | Respond Employee Health Software

incrediblySmart will provide support until December 31, 2016 for the following products: AICE version 3 – 5.0.6 RedBat 4 Respond v2 – v4.6.2 BD Protect Infection Prevention (IP) BD Protect Healthcare Worker Safety (HWS)   incrediblySmart has committed to provide support for AICE, RedBat, Respond and BD Protect users through January 2017.  Customers who have not migrated from these discontinued software titles by January 2017, will not be offered any assistance and instead will be urged to migrate to other solutions.

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Respond End of Life FAQ’s | Respond Employee Health Software

Respond – End of Life Frequently Asked Questions  In 2009 with the release of BD Protect Healthcare Worker Safety (HWS) which was intended to be the replacement for the Respond software for employee health, BD announced via email, Knowledge Base and by letter that legacy software (Respond) would reach end of life and end of support December 31, 2012. The plan at that time was to move Respond users to the BD Protect Healthcare Worker Safety (HWS) software. In 2011 BD felt that it had to make strategic moves to re-focus on the core businesses, due to many factors in the global economy .  These moves required tough business decisions, including the […]

Our HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA privacy and security is taken very seriously, and every possible safeguard we can use, is applied to any data we receive, regardless of a formal agreement between incrediblySmart and your facility. The (HIPAA) Security Rule defines technical safeguards in § 164.304 as “the technology and the policy and procedures for its use that protect electronic protected health information and control access to it.” How do we address the security of the files we receive? * Data is downloaded and saved to an encrypted drive * Data is never co-mixed with data from another customer * The encrypted drive is protected by a 38 character password. * If the external […]