Better or just not worse?

It seems like, in software competition especially, the rule of thumb is follow the leader.  You only have to be the same as the competition in some areas, you don’t have to be better.   Look at software reviews – side by side comparisons with yes and no boxes, and it’s not just the reviews,[…]

How keeping Respond or BD Protect HWS can save you thousands (and still have support)

If you’ve been using Respond or BD Protect HWS, selecting the wrong solution to replace that software could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. incrediblySmart is building a portfolio of products and services to serve all areas of data management, including assisting with data from your employee health programs. The Studious Application Platform will be available[…]

Our HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA privacy and security is taken very seriously, and every possible safeguard we can use, is applied to any data we receive, regardless of a formal agreement between incrediblySmart and your facility. The (HIPAA) Security Rule defines technical safeguards in § 164.304 as “the technology and the policy and procedures for its use that protect[…]

incrediblySmart Support Agreements | Respond Employee Health Software

incrediblySmart will provide support until December 31, 2016 for the following products: AICE version 3 – 5.0.6 RedBat 4 Respond v2 – v4.6.2 BD Protect Infection Prevention (IP) BD Protect Healthcare Worker Safety (HWS)   incrediblySmart has committed to provide support for AICE, RedBat, Respond and BD Protect users through January 2017.  Customers who have not[…]


incrediblySmart Application Platform “Studious” For Immediate Release 1-August-2014 Contact: Chris Glahn incrediblySmart announces development of the incrediblySmart Application Platform: Studious(tm). Austin, TX — incrediblySmart has entered into an agreement to purchase an application platform from Theta Technologies. The purchase and adaptation of the application platform into “Studious(tm):incrediblySmart Application Platform” will further create an inter-working portfolio[…]

Systems to replace AICE

What should infection preventionists look for when evaluating an electronic surveillance system?  According to industry leaders and vendors, IP professionals should look for a system that provides automated facility-wide identification of likely infections, streamlined regulatory reporting, demonstrated outcomes, timely implementation, and dedicated customer support. Consider systems that are easy to learn and use, have flexibility[…]