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DataMigrationData Migration & Data Extraction
Over the lifetime of business intelligence applications, your needs will change, or inevitably applications get retired and replaced with newer, more functional systems. With some applications, the data contained within the program must be moved when the application is replaced, for this reason incrediblySmart offers data extraction and migration services to assist you. When the AICE, BD Protect, RedBat and Respond applications were retired at the end of 2012, we started business to assist customers in the transition, and have since expanded that knowledge to understand the extraction and migration of other applications. 

Data Extraction, Conversion and Migration services. Extraction is the ability to get data out of one database product, into a format that you can view the information stored, and possibly use that to import into another system.  Conversion and Migration are two other parts in a task of moving data.  Conversion is the manipulation of the data to change values so that it matches a desired format, and migration is the act of loading the data into a destination system or database.

The data conversion and migration services currently offered are:

Data Migrations from Respond/BD Protect HWS to:

  • Agility
  • Kronos
  • Epic
  • MediTrax
  • Systoc

Data Extraction to CSV from these sources:

  • AICE/BD Protect IP
  • MediTrax
  • OHM
  • Respond/BD Protect HWS
  • Stix 
  • Stolas
  • Systoc

We are learning what it takes to move data between an understood set of applications, using this knowledge, we’re planning on developing our own tool for these types of data migrations, the application will be called Clever, and may be available for licensing in 2016.