Self support advice – ICPA/BD products

We offer this advice if you’re considering self-supporting the continued use of the software.

1. The program includes a way to make backups. Use the included utility and also use a tested 3rd party server backup program.
2. Test the restore procedures in both the built-in utility and also test restoring your server-made backups to make sure the restored files will work after a failure or crash. We can offer instructions for testing both.
3. Find the AData, RBData, BD Protect or RData folders on the server, and make a copy of those folder groups at least once per year, as part of a recovery process to restore files (other than those backed up.)
4. Locate and save a copy of the PDF manual included with the program in the AData/Help/, RData/Help, or RBData/Help folder.
5. Note who has a user account with administrator rights to the program to add/edit/remove users, use the Download program and perform administrative functions. The program does not have a way to give a user rights to the program without an administrator.
6. Have a copy of the files from an installation CD from the last available installation, or at least the version that’s installed on your site.