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Better or just not worse?

It seems like, in software competition especially, the rule of thumb is follow the leader.  You only have to be the same as the competition in some areas, you don’t have to be better.   Look at software reviews – side by side comparisons with yes and no boxes, and it’s not just the reviews, the software vendors themselves do it. Working with software as I do, in moving data between products, and in being the architect of new software designs, I’m always thinking, “why would someone choose this particular product?” and I also think of ways that I could do it better.  Not just include what’s expected because that’s […]

How keeping Respond or BD Protect HWS can save you thousands (and still have support)

If you’ve been using Respond or BD Protect HWS, selecting the wrong solution to replace that software could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. incrediblySmart is building a portfolio of products and services to serve all areas of data management, including assisting with data from your employee health programs. The Studious Application Platform will be available soon and we want to tell you more about it, and how it may serve you in a post Respond/BD Protect HWS world, but until you’re ready to make the switch here are a few reasons why you may want to look at incrediblySmart, and keep using Respond or BD Protect HWS a little bit longer. […]

Our HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA privacy and security is taken very seriously, and every possible safeguard we can use, is applied to any data we receive, regardless of a formal agreement between incrediblySmart and your facility. The (HIPAA) Security Rule defines technical safeguards in § 164.304 as “the technology and the policy and procedures for its use that protect electronic protected health information and control access to it.” How do we address the security of the files we receive? * Data is downloaded and saved to an encrypted drive * Data is never co-mixed with data from another customer * The encrypted drive is protected by a 38 character password. * If the external […]

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incrediblySmart Support Agreements | Respond Employee Health Software

incrediblySmart will provide support until December 31, 2016 for the following products: AICE version 3 – 5.0.6 RedBat 4 Respond v2 – v4.6.2 BD Protect Infection Prevention (IP) BD Protect Healthcare Worker Safety (HWS)   incrediblySmart has committed to provide support for AICE, RedBat, Respond and BD Protect users through January 2017.  Customers who have not migrated from these discontinued software titles by January 2017, will not be offered any assistance and instead will be urged to migrate to other solutions.

Self support advice – ICPA/BD products

We offer this advice if you’re considering self-supporting the continued use of the software. 1. The program includes a way to make backups. Use the included utility and also use a tested 3rd party server backup program. 2. Test the restore procedures in both the built-in utility and also test restoring your server-made backups to make sure the restored files will work after a failure or crash. We can offer instructions for testing both. 3. Find the AData, RBData, BD Protect or RData folders on the server, and make a copy of those folder groups at least once per year, as part of a recovery process to restore files (other […]