KB Article:L1-0274499

This error means that the workstation is not able to locate the text file ENV.INI.

This error has a number of causes, from the server being down to security/permission settings for the user in question.

First, check that the server is available, and that the ENV.INI file is available. The file should be located in {Product}Data/HELP on the server.  If not reinstall the server.

Second, check the local workstation registry for how the workstation is set to locate the data files for the software.

HKey_Local_Machine>Software>BD Diagnostics>BD Protect>{module}>Env>


HKey_Local_Machine>Software>ICPA,Inc.>{Product}>Version>Env>Look for the entry “Data Directory” this is the path for this workstation to reach the {Product}Data/ folder on the server (IPData,HWSData,AData,RData).  If you are unable to reach the folder via Windows Explorer, or the mapping is changed for a particular user (an I: drive is not mapped for one user of this PC, or I: drive is not the {Product}Data/ folder — you may manually enter a new path.  The path can be mapped drive or UNC path.

Third, if the mapping for Data Directory is correct but the resource is unavailable, it may be that the users must be added to the Security/Permissions to access the {Product}Data folder and sub-folders.  They may need to be added by NAME or by their GROUP membership.  The users should have either FULL CONTROL or READ/WRITE/MODIFY to the {Product}Data folder and sub-folders.



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